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Nanoshield films are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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Nanoshield At Work

Copper is a unique metal with naturally occurring antimicrobial properties. Copper has a free electron in its outer orbital shell of electrons.  When a microbe lands on copper, ions pierce the microbe, preventing cell respiration in the cell membrane of bacteria or the protective coating of a virus.

Nanoshield uses a patented copper compound with very high protein adsorption and denaturation abilities resulting remarkable antiviral activity.  By increasing the active surface area through the application of nano copper particles, Nanoshield amplifies the antimicrobial effect provided by traditional copper, reducing disinfecting times from hours to minutes.

Six leading Independent labs have confirmed and validated effectiveness of Nanoshield against viruses and bacteria.

EPA Registered

Powered by an EPA Registered active ingredient

Self Cleaning

Works wiithin seconds of contact against viruses and bacteria. Within minutes their numbers reach undetectable levels

Never Stops Working

Keep surfaces cleaner longer after cleaning. Effective for months.

Non Toxic

Patented copper compound eliminates microbes in minutes without toxic chemicals.

Nanoshield In Action

Films For All Applications

No job is too big or small.

Nanoshield films come in pre-cut ready to go packages, or can be customized to your specific need.  

Spray On Films

Have a job that's not quite right for precut film?  

Nanoshield non-toxic spray films go on easy and peel off just like film.  


“Nanoshield films are a great solution because they can be easily used on current beverage machines and complement existing hygiene measures. The customized Nanoshield films precisely fit the Nescafé touch screen and touch pad machines.”
- Nestle