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Nanoshield’s self disinfecting antiviral film, powered with a patented copper compound that kills 99.99% of virus and bacteria within minutes (as per lab tests), help keep your contact surfaces continuously safe, without the trouble of sanitizing them repeatedly.

Available to be used as placemats for dining tables, work stations, etc., these highly adhesive films, with a slightly matte finish, come in 30 cm x 40 cm with 2 sheets per pack.

Packed in tamper-proof packaging, these adhesive films stick easily to any smooth flat surfaces, and start protecting you and your family right from installation!

Nanoshield At Work

Copper is a unique metal with naturally occurring antimicrobial properties. Copper has a free electron in its outer orbital shell of electrons.  When a microbe lands on copper, ions pierce the microbe, preventing cell respiration in the cell membrane of bacteria or the protective coating of a virus.

Nanoshield uses a patented copper compound with very high protein adsorption and denaturation abilities resulting remarkable antiviral activity.  By increasing the active surface area through the application of nano copper particles, Nanoshield amplifies the antimicrobial effect provided by traditional copper, reducing disinfecting times from hours to minutes.

Six leading Independent labs have confirmed and validated effectiveness of Nanoshield against viruses and bacteria.

Trusted Protection

Non-toxic, EPA Registered ingredients, provide instant and long-lasting protection.  

Installs In Seconds

Hassle free protection that installs in seconds and last months.

Solutions For Every Surface

Nanoshield films, tapes, screen protectors, wipes, and sprays have you covered.