Our Story

Nanoshield™ have undergone rigorous scientific testing to prove its antiviral and antibacterial properties and are proven to be effective against Covid-19 and many other viral strains.

Unlike surface sprays and other liquid disinfectants on the market, the antiviral activity of the film remains intact in real-life usage situations such as high-frequency touching and daily cleaning.

Nanoshield™ has been included in National Environment Agency's List of household disinfectants and self-disinfecting surface coating products against COVID-19 virus.

Our Liquid Spray is the only product that is
available off-the-shelf. (ie not stated as NOT commercially available off the shelf)

From the people
From the people
“Offering tools to help our customers to be able to continue serving coffee to their consumers in challenging times is of the utmost importance.” - Reinhold Jakobi, Head of Nestlé Professional’s Strategic Business Unit
— Nanoshield™ film at Citadines Rochor Singapore
From the people
Safety & Hygiene is utmost important. Nanoshield™ films are certified to have high efficacy that disinfects surfaces from bacteria & viruses. This gives me confidence to keep my staff & patients safe in my practice.
— DR. DENIS NYAM - Nyam Colon Rectal & General Surgery @ Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
From the people
Keeping my child safe from COVID-19 with Nanoshield™
— Feng, Singapore

Simple and Effective

Our films are tested in various laboratories, self-disinfecting film and its suitable for any surface. It is also simple to install and is effective for up to 12 months.

Advanced manufacturing process in Japan using a patented copper compound. Much higher antiviral and antibacterial effect than other forms of copper, silver and zinc.